hummerHis recent essay in the WSJ blends nostalgia and persuasion with concern. Be sure to view the associated slideshow, Big, Stupid and Proud: Five Cars that Shook the Earth. Examine Jillette’s thoughts on the passing of the Hummer and what it may mean for the future of pie in our country.


Time Management Systems Tested and Reviewed.

November 19, 2009

The Wall Street Journal’s Sue Shellenbarger, in collaboration with a handful of executive coaches and consultants, identified the top time-management systems that they themselves use. Then, she tried them out herself and reported her findings yesterday. Follow the link to

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10 Cheap Ways to Avoid the Doctor.

November 6, 2009

Here’s a great article about the small, essentially cost-free, steps you can take to enjoy a healthy life. It comes from Julie Deardorff of the Chicago Tribune. It’ll take you a couple minutes. That’s a good deal for a potential lifetime of perky and frisky. Ready…set…go.

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Portland Less Vulnerable Thanks to Lower Foreclosure and Mortgage Delinquency Rates.

October 23, 2009

The Wall Street Journal published it’s quarterly survery of housing market data in 28 major markets yesterday. The report includes data that suggests Portland homeowners are relatively better off than homeowners in a lot of other places. Experts expect mortgage-lenders to soon get more serious about liquidating foreclosed and delinquent properties, bad news for all […]

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Portland Among Top Youth-Magnet Cities

September 30, 2009

The Wall Street Journal asked six experts to designate the top ten cities that will emerge as the hottest, hippest destinations for highly-mobile, educated workers in their twenties when the economy comes back to life. The Journal’s panel of demographers, economists, geographers and author-experts, picked Washington DC and Seattle in a tie for first, New […]

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A Brief “How-To” on Sustainable Gardening.

August 31, 2009

I’d rather hammer a nail into my tongue than spend a ton of time in a garden; but that’s just me.  I recognize and appreciate the value of gardening, such as food.  Food is good. So in homage to gardening and food, here’s a brief article from Wired Magazine’s how-to wiki about sustainable gardening and […]

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Wise Words on Home Ownership.

July 16, 2009

This article from today’s WSJ offers timeless good sense about the true and proper place of home-ownership in your overall financial plan. To read it, click away.

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Foreclosures: Maybe Not What You Thought.

July 3, 2009

Evidence compiled by University of Texas Economics professor, Stan Liebowitz, indicates the zero-down, no-skin-in-the-game loans–not subprime–are the culprits.  To read the entire commentary from the July 3rd issue of the Wall Street Journal, click here.

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Trouble in California: Good News for the Portland Metro?

April 1, 2009

This commentary in Forbes, authored by Forbes publisher, Rich Karlgaard suggests that Washington State, and that includes Vancouver, might benefit from California politicians driving taxpayers out of their state. If this proves to be true, Portland should derive benefit from its physical proximity to Washington.  To read Karlgaard’s commentary, click here.

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Sold in Four Days, Full Price, Quick Close.

March 17, 2009

Based on what you hear in the media, you may assume nothing at all is selling; but that would be an inaccurate assumption. Take my achingly hip recent listing at SE 42nd and Clinton for example. It’s a textbook example of what it takes to sell a home promptly, even in this market. The homeowner […]

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