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Selling Your Home in Three Pages.

Help yourself to this document I put together to serve as a check list, or laundry list if you prefer laundry, to help clients prepare a home for sale.  To retrieve your own, personal copy, click on the word click.

De-Cluttering Your Crib for a Quicker Sale and a Higher Price.

clutterromHere’s a picky, picky, picky checklist that will help you bring your home to a high level of de-clutterage and cleanliness. It’s a whole lot of work and you’re almost guaranteed to be put in a bad, possibly threatening, mood as you perform the suggested work. But bringing your home to a high level of de-clutterage and cleanliness will almost surely help you sell it more quickly at a higher price.

The Case for Purchasing a Home Warranty When You Sell.

They add significantly to the attractiveness of your home when it’s on the market. Click here to find out why.

Assessing the Potential Return-on-Investment of Your Remodeling Project.

cvTough challenge. Very difficult to know. Commonly, you don’t see a return-on-investment at all, but a loss. Then again, even that is tricky to determine because you don’t know what your selling price would have been had you not completed the remodeling project.

Remodeling Magazine conducts a periodic survey that can assist you in seeking an answer to this question. You’d probably be wise to apply some common sense to your deliberations; but the survey can at least give you a feel for what projects might make the most sense.

Take comfort in knowing that while you may not be able to precisely track return-on-investment, a well considered remodeling project will help your home to sell.  Click on the graphic to see the data for Portland.

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