Real Real Estate Pics

by CD on September 10, 2009 · 0 comments

Real current or semi-current real estate pics from RMLS, the Regional Multiple Listing Service.

garbage-bagGreat yard, sure; but you have to wonder: was that garbage bag really there or did they add it later with Photoshop, simply for impact?

cluttered-roomSee what a big difference a little staging can make to help sell your home?

woven-rugsThis home is mentioned in the Guiness Book of World Records under the category, “Most Matching Woven Rugs in a Small Blue Room with a Built-In Vacuum Cleaner on the Wall”.

unindentifiedNot really sure what this is; but some broker was moved by it.

plantsAccording to a recognized home-staging professional, “Plants give a lived-in and welcoming feeling and help make homes appear in a more appealing light; and properly done, staging with plants can continue the ‘curb appeal’ from the front sidewalk throughout the whole house.”

escherhomeRemarkably, the stairs in this home appear to go up…and down…simultaneously. Who’s the architect? M. C. Escher?

hutchDoggone it. Just last week, somebody asked me where they could go to rent a hutch; and I came up empty. Who was it that asked?

poochThe flash startled Whiskers and she ran under the table in the next room.

windowtreatmentThe right window treatments can really bring a room to life and help you get the price your home deserves.

basementThe real estate agent arrived to take photos just as the CSI unit was wrapping up.

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