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Cooley Jaxson Teaches You to Moonwalk Like Michael Jackson

mjCooley Jaxson is the actual guy who taught Michael Jackson the actual move. The real name of the step is The Backslide. MJ changed the name to The Moonwalk. But so what, doesn’t matter what it’s called. The important thing is that you learn to do it. Click here for an easy-to-follow video. Very simple. You no longer have excuses not to learn to moonwalk. C’mon now…get busy.

Bulletin Bulletin Bulletin: Pogo Sticks are Hot Again!

pogoguyAnd some pogo practitioners are boinging round like the best of any skateboarders. Technology has fueled the re-discovery of the thrills of pogology that include bounces of five or six feet in the air. High end pogo sticks can cost several hundreds of dollars. Here’s an article accompanied by a groovy video of some impressive pogo feats.

How 16 Giant Electronic Companies Got Their Names.

cliffIf you’re not already there, you can be Cliff Claven (you know…the postman on Cheers, the TV show) the next time you get together with friends. Here’s the word on how some once small, now mostly giant, electronics companies acquired their very familiar names. Click here, Cliffie.

The Most Fashionable Autocrat.

qaddafi1Whom do you think of when you think about the world’s most stylish dictators? Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Republic, Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, who else? For 40 years, this guy has set the fashion pace among the world’s leading authoritarians. Nobody else is close. Take a look back at the great man over the many years of a life in fashion. Vanity Fair reports with a brief slideshow.

George Washington in Love.

gwThe vivacious Sally Fairfax stole-really stole-the young Washington’s heart long before he met the estimable and very, very, very wealthy Martha Custis. Historian Thomas Fleming writes about Washington’s un-requited affection on AmericanHeritage.com. It’s an interesting article; you’ve got nothing better to do or you wouldn’t be here in the first place; so go ahead, relax, read it.

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